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zoomwork | Your peace of photo art work in premium gallery quality

Our manufacture is sucsessfully producing for photographers, galeries and exebitions for over 8 years. The same quality we guarantee for your personalized peace of art. No matter if canvas, acrylic glass or alu-dibond; your photo art work is produced on the same machine under professional supervision and control of our experienced production technicians.

We do not compromise on the materials we use. Also here we use the same high-quality materials that you might otherwise admire only in galleries. Our canvas is made from 100% cotton, the wooden frames come from sustainable Scandinavian production and the original HP Vivera inks give brilliant 75 years colour warranty. Whether you are looking for elegant canvas, an brilliant acrylic glas or a premium alu-dibond print, you can choose between a number of individual designs to suit your taste.

Our Photo Products bring your personal style to your home or in your office and are also ideal as a gift. In these cases only the best 'made in germany ' will do, because it is often the first impression that counts. Our stringent quality control that begins with the delivery of your images, ensures that your personal photo-perfect work of art on canvas, acrylic or aluminum Didond is created to its best advantage and you long to enjoy it. Each photo-product is produced individually within our production; here we pay particular attention to the quality and purity of the materials used (Acrylic, aluminum, canvas, frames and colors). The following final acceptance of any product will be once again on perfect workmanship and accuracy checks, whether photo on acrylic glas, photo on alu-dibond or photo on canvas and only when we are satisfied with the result, your personal masterpiece sent.